IZA AGM and Annual Dinner

Members, Please save the date - Friday 26 August 2022, from 6pm - for this year's AGM and annual dinner. This year it is to be held at the Royal Automobile Read more

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Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 17 24 Apr 22
I Zingari Australia   def   Camden Club XI
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 14 28 Apr 22
Victoria Barracks XI   drew   I Zingari Australia
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 18 1 May 22
I Zingari Australia   drew   Bradman Foundation
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 19 7 May 22
I Zingari Australia   drew   Cammeray
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 20 22 May 22
I Zingari Australia   drew   Old Oxleyians
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 21 5 Jun 22
I Zingari Australia   drew   Wily Trout XI
Grade: NSWCG:Belvidere Round: 2 15 May 22
IZA President's XI   drew   IZA Captain's XI
Grade: CSCA:Club Games Round: 16 29 May 22
I Zingari Australia   drew   Primary Club of Australia


IZA History Book - Available for purchase via the IZA Online Store
Copies of the IZA History Book (1888-2021) can be purchased via the IZA On...