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12 St Joseph's College def by I Zingari
SF Barker Old Boys def I Zingari
11 Victoria Barracks XI def by I Zingari
8 I Zingari def MCC (UK)
11 Queenstown Invitational XI (NZ) drew I Zingari
11 Millbrook CC (NZ) def by I Zingari
QF Yaralla def by I Zingari
11 Willows CC (NZ) def I Zingari
11 Christchurch Boys High School def I Zingari
11 Cricketers Club of NSW def I Zingari
10 The Kings School def I Zingari
9 Mosman drew I Zingari
9 Yaralla def by I Zingari
8 I Zingari def by Cricket Club of India
6 I Zingari def St George Veterans