Unders Win, Overs retain Belvidere Cup
Date of Event I Zingari Australia Cricket Club: Thu May 20, 2021 11:28PM
IZA Belvidere Teams


On a picture perfect autumn day at Camden Park, IZA under 35s 6-181 (cc) defeated IZA over 35s 7-139 (cc) in the second and final Belvidere Cup match of the season.


Notable performances with bat included Lachy Kyling (95) and Clive Manzie (53) for the under 35s, and Mike Strong (52) and Andre Leslie (43) for the over 35s.


With the ball, Mark Hodge was the sole wicket taker for the over 35s with 6-25, with Hugo Cowdery Lack (3-26) and Mike Burgess (2-22) leading the under 35s attack.


Fielding standards were mixed on the day, with the big bright blue sky and low sun angle copping the blame for some forgettable spills.


Life Member WB Douglass was on hand to present the Cup and explain its history to the younger members. IZA caps were also presented during the day to recent new members Myles Aston, Lachy Kyling and Clive Manzie.


Despite the protestations of the younger brigade, the Cup was retained by Jono Shaw as under 35s skipper, this being a 2 match series with a 1-1 result and the over 35s being the surprise winners from last season.


A petition has since been received by the Committee from a quorum of under 35s proposing a 3 match series next season.

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