I Zingari Australia v Cranbrook
Date of Event I Zingari Australia Cricket Club: Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:38PM


IZingari Australia continued it’s mid-week T20 festivities with an enjoyable hit out against Cranbrook’s XI. Factor (Mark Hodge) relished playing a number of his protégées whom he had coached and managed over the years. JRJ graced the club with his presence, sadly unable to be dragged out of retirement.

A gentleman’s agreement allowed the older statesmen to bat 1st on a ground which needed no fielding restrictions given the boundary presented the significant restriction. Mr Simon Gerber enjoyed batting on a field the size of his children’s playing fields with 5x 6’s making up most of his runs (42). 13 off 1 ball was enjoyed with a no-ball and the free-hit going for maximums. Mr Sutton again put together a fine 32 and Mr Peter Estcourt accelerated after a slow start to also finish with 40 (2 6’s and 5 4’s). The total of 156 off the 20 was competitive but by no means out of reach.

Seb Law (1/22) and Plugger (Ben Lockett) opened the bowling and set the tone. Plugger enjoyed bowling to his son’s best mate and was unlucky to remain wicketless. Wis (Craig Hambleton) came on and quickly asserted his control with 2/27, Hodgey 2/19 and Lachy ‘Jasprit’ Bayliss-Smith (Lachy Bayliss) 1/17 and Dré Less ensured the runs were always going to be too many. Catches were caught and pressure applied, leaving the boys short with 8/137.

Again an enjoyable day in the sun, not at work.

Last updated: Wednesday April 1, 2020 4:32PM
Author: Andrew Burgess