IZA Donates Kit to Caribbean Children's Cricket Charity
Date of Event : Sat Jun 3, 2017 12:06PM
Caribbean Children's Cricket Charity

During our recent tour of the Caribbean the Golden Oldies organisers arranged for participating teams to purchase a team kit in Barbados rather than having to carry a kit whilst travelling through the US on their way to Barbados.

IZA took advantage of this offer and purchased a kit of brand new gear including 3 bats, 4 sets of pads, wicketkeeping gloves and pads, 4 sets of batting gloves and other cricketing items necessary to enjoy a good game of cricket.

At the end of our tour the I Zingari team agreed to donate this to the Caribbean Children’s Cricket Charity. This Charity is already being supported by one of our other club members, Jason Krezja and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for the Club as a whole to follow suit and to do something extremely positive for cricket in the Caribbean. The donation was very happily accepted.

The photo alongside this news article was used by the Charity to promote our efforts and thanks goes to the players pictured with the kit we donated.  

Standing (L-R): Lachlan Gyles, Anthony Brown, Greg Boyer, Sam Woolcock, Thos Hodgson, Jamie English, Craig Hambleton, Ray Thompson, Will Chapman, Andrew Nuttall, Robbie Deans.

Kneeling (L-R): David Borean, Andy Hurt.

Last updated: Tuesday September 12, 2017 8:32PM