IZA Donates Kit to Caribbean Children's Cricket Charity

During our recent tour of the Caribbean the Golden Oldies organisers arranged for participating teams to purchase a team kit in Barbados rather than having Read more


The Winter Reunion, incorporating the Annual General Meeting of the Club, will be held at Allianz Stadium this year on Saturday 8th July, and the format Read more

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Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 11 8 Mar 17
The Kings School   drew   I Zingari Australia
Grade: CSCA:Club Games Round: 16 12 Mar 17
I Zingari Australia   def   Reg Bartley XI Cricket Club
Grade: CSCA:Club Games Round: 15 25 Mar 17
I Zingari Australia   drew   Paddington
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 17 2 Apr 17
I Zingari Australia   def by   SCG Trust XI
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 18 8 Apr 17
I Zingari Australia   def by   West Pymble
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 20 23 Apr 17
I Zingari Australia   def   Cricketers' Club of New South Wales
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 15 25 Apr 17
I Zingari Australia   def by   Primary Club
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 21 30 Apr 17
I Zingari Australia   def by   Old Oxleyians
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 22 6 May 17
I Zingari Australia   def   Cammeray
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 16 28 May 17
I Zingari Australia   def   Bradman Foundation XI
Grade: NSWCG:Club XI Round: 23 4 Jun 17
I Zingari Australia   def   Camden Club XI
Grade: CSCA:Jack Pace Shield Round: GF 12 Mar 17
Knox Old Boys   def   I Zingari Australia
Grade: NSWCG:Belvedere Round: 2 21 May 17
I Zingari Over 35   def   I Zingari Under 35
Grade: NSWCG:Caribbean Tour Round: 1 8 May 17
I Zingari Australia   def   Western Province CC
Grade: NSWCG:Caribbean Tour Round: 2 10 May 17
I Zingari Australia   def by   BNOC (Barbados)


Annual General Meeting
Make sure you RSVP for this years Annual General Meeting The Winter Reunio...